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Rome - The eternal city

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Skyline Rome

Rome is probably one of the most historic places on our planet. The Italian capital has so much to offer thanks to its more than 3000 years of history. The cultural center of Europe, which found its origins in the 8th century BC, still impresses today with its well-preserved ancient buildings. The omnipresent flair, consisting of theology, art, politics and history simply enchants every visitor. Countless sights, breathtaking hotels, as well as exclusive shopping and restaurants leave no room for desire. Rome literally screams to be visited. The best way to do this is with a high class model from our Venus Escort Agency. Please feel free to send us a request to

Hotels in Rome

Anantara Palazzo Naiadi Rome della Repubblica, 48
00185 Roma
Fon: +39 06 489381

The Anantara Palazzo Naiadi is the first 5 star luxury hotel in the eternal city of Rome. After the extensive restoration of the 19th century marble building, it opened its doors to guests in 2003. Located between the Terme di Diocleziano and the Michelangelo-designed Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli, it promises breathtaking views of the city in addition to fine rooms and suites. If you are still looking for a companion for a few days of relaxation in this premium hotel, please send us an email. Our Venus Escort ladies are waiting for you.

Modernity meets classicism in the heart of Rome
Six Senses Rome
Piazza di San Marcello,
00187 Rome

Modernity meets classicism in the heart of Rome. In Roman mythology, the "genius loci" was a spirit that guarded a place. It is indefinable, but inherent in the architecture of the hotel and its endeavor to serve as an urban oasis. The spaces, finishes, materials, and art reinterpret Roman classicism and history into a contemporary vision and comfortable hotel rooms. Here, you can enjoy exciting hours and luxury with your Escort in Rome.

In the 96 guest rooms and suites of Six Senses Rome, traditional cocciopesto plaster and Travertine limestone, along with patterns and graphic design elements, are combined with suspended plants and natural light to emphasize well-being and a sense of conviviality and sustainability.

Restaurants in Rome

Star restaurant - Mix of Italian and Asian cuisine
Via Labicana, 125
00184 Roma RM
Fon: +39 06 9761 5109

Aroma is a chic and modern 1 star restaurant located in the heart of Rome, Italy. The location offers a mix of Italian and Asian cuisine prepared by Chef Luigi Quintiliani.

Aroma's interior is elegant and modern and features an open kitchen where guests can watch the chefs at work. The restaurant also offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city, including the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. A perfect place for a romantic dinner with a sophisticated escort lady. For inquiries, please feel free to send us an email.