AVE - Agency Venus Escorts

Hello, I'm Astrid, the founder and owner of the Agency Venus Escorts, and below a brief introduction and history of my agency and my own background:

In the early 80s I left Germany and lived in St. Tropez for 14 years. During the summer seasons I worked in the hotel and boating industry and in winter I traveled around the world - and had some of the best years of my life! In my mid-30s I returned to Germany where my main focus was event marketing.

Through my work in the web design, I happened to come into contact with the escort business. First I implemented and ran a portal for independent escorts, which grew in the late '90s into this agency:
AVE – Germany's first escort agency.
Today, after more than 20 years, AVE is appreciated worldwide as the most professional agency by countless loyal regular clients as well as new clients and last but not least, of course, by escorts who know this business.

Heike joined me 2004 and Petra five years later in 2009. Both, like me, came from a different background, in their case it was business travel. We had almost the same age and we were a successful team for many years.

Unfortunately Heike moved away after 11 years and Petra also wanted to change again after seven years, I miss both very much.

Since 2016 the office team has been rejuvenated considerably, which may also bring us again closer to our escorts. Dina has remained loyal to our agency until end of 2023.  Since 2024, Tina has replaced Dina. She is also in her mid 30s and she noticeably enjoys the office work with the young ladies and also with the worldwide clients.

Together we are again a strong team, we complement one another and our escorts benefit in every respect from our different experience, sympathetic helpfulness, sincerity and humor.

We prepare everything in a professional manner and plan all the logistics so that you can travel relaxed to your date. Wherever you may travel in the world, whether it's New York, Dubai or Hongkong, we are always here for you. You can trust us at any time with all your concerns and have confidence that we are here to look after you!

We protect your interests with care and concern, and are always at your side with help and advice.

I look forward to a successful collaboration with you.

(Spring 2023)



Do you think about applying with us but are still uncertain? Would you like to meet me on a non commitment basis just to get to know each other and give you the chance to find out more about AVE?

Whenever I happen to be in your area I will be pleased to meet you for a coffee.


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