Escort Kiev

Kiev - the dynamic city with the shiny roofs

Skyline Kiev

Kiev (Kyiv) is one of the more beautiful cities in Europe. Founded 1500 years ago, Kiev is the bustling capital of newly independent Ukraine.

This city, with a population of 3 million people, is distinguished for its rich architecture and cultural life.

It is not exaggeration to say that shopping belongs to the most favorite pastimes of the residents and guests of Kiev. For the time being, Kiev offers a wide gamut of places where you can buy food, clothes, souvenirs or just have a good time. In supermarkets you can buy ordinary products as well as the sophisticated delicacies, boutiques offer the large selection of fashionable clothes and shoes while in the jeweller’s you can find a sparkling treat for your beloved person. Shining show-windows of numerous shopping malls of the Ukrainian capital invite you to come inside and find something to your personal taste. Now you can go shopping, have a cup of coffee, play bowling and pay a visit to a beauty salon only in one place saving your time.

Shopping Malls
When walking around the Ukrainian capital you can notice the state-of-the-art architectures and glaring show-windows of modern shopping malls spread all around Kiev. Keeping up with the Western standards Ukrainian shopping malls offer a wide range of services. Now it’s possible to go shopping, relax in a cozy café, go to a cinema, visit a beauty salon and simply have a good time all in one place. Stylish clothes, trendy shoes, fine underwear, sophisticated perfumes and cosmetics, sport wear, jewellery and lots of other shopaholics’ delights are now here. Practically all year round boutiques in Kiev introduce special discount offers so you can make some really good bargains. City-Centre, Globus, Metrograd, Ukraina, Arena City, Magellan and so on and so forth – the list of shopping malls is constantly growing. So just do not forget your purse or credit cards. And mind that you can pay only in hryvnias.