What we expect

You are a sexy young lady between 19 and early 30s and you would enjoy to be an escort, travel, have fun and to meet cool and rich gentlemen?


  • You like to be independent, with above average income, enjoying the perks of a luxurious, successful lifestyle
  • You like to travel to top destinations around the world
  • You like to meet cool guys and rich gentlemen or even find the man of your dreams
  • You like to be able to afford luxury items such as shoes with red soles, brand handbags, jewelry, etc.
  • You like to even buy a luxury car or even your own flat
  • You like to finance your studies or education


  • You are pretty, well-groomed, with hair & nails always well done
  • You are slim, fit and healthy and you do sports regularly
  • You are stylish from trendy to conservative but never ostentatious


  • You are charming, friendly, smiley, humorous, positive, entertaining, uncomplicated, well-balanced, out-going, adventurous
  • You are reliable, punctual, ambitious, adaptable, disciplined
  • You have a good balance between the ability to handle criticism and self-confidence, such as a real model

In short: We are looking for THE PERFECT LADY ... until it comes to private time.. ;-)