Escort Moskau

Skyline Moskau

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The capital of Russia and the biggest city in Europe is Moscow with 12.3 million people - it is almost double the size of London. The Ritz-Carlton Moscow just by the Red Square is maybe the citys best hotel else choose Savoy Hotel close to the Bolshoy Theater. Eat at Cafe Pushkin, who is made to look like how the Tsars dined, and after eat at Buono where an italian Michelin cook handles the kitchen.
Go see the Red Square, Lenin Mausoleum and Kremlin who are all next to each other. After take a walk in Gorky park where there always are all kind of entertainment.

  • Founded in: 1147
  • Population: 1.23 million

Luzhniki Stadium has capacity for 82.000 people.
Spartak Stadium for 42.000