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Skyline Kaliningrad

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Founded in the 13th century as Königsberg, the capital of East Prussia, Kaliningrad is home to over 450,000 people and an important Russian Baltic seaport. It is like an island of russia in Europe next to the baltic countries. You find much more blonde and nordic looking people here. Immanuel Kant and Richard Wagner was born in Kaliningrad. 90 percent of the worlds amber comes from Kaliningrad where it is an industry.
Where to live: Crystal House is the best hotel in the city, Hotel Kaiserhof is a four star hotel who show the cities German history.
Where to eat: Fish Club for some of the best seafood, Brewery Bretsel for at tradionel prussian beerhouse with local dishes.

  • Founded in: 1255
  • Population: 459.000
  • Distance to Moscow: 1.235 km