Home town Cologne
Age Late 20s
Height 166 cm, 5'5
Bra size DE 75 B, GB 34 B natural
Travel expenses
60 EUR Dusseldorf
130 EUR Frankfurt
150 EUR Brussels
170 EUR Amsterdam


E-Mail: (preferred)
Phone: +49 172 746 22 22
Office hours Monday through Friday 11:00 to 20:00 CET

Local Time Frankfurt

During work days, we generally respond within the same day, or if your mail comes in late, within the next day. If you do not receive our response within this time, it may be a technical problem and we kindly ask you to resend your mail.

Venus Silver
• min booking 2 hours 900 €
• 3 hours incl. drinks 1.100 €
• 4 hours incl. drinks & snacks or dinner 1.300 €
• 5/6 hours incl. lunch or dinner 1.600 €
• short overnight 10/12 hours 1.900 €
• long overnight 16/18 hours incl. dinner and breakfast 2.300 €
• up to 24 hours  2.600 €
• up to 48 hours incl. 2 overnights 4.400 €
• every additional overnight 1.100 €

Booking terms and Payment

In principle we recommend that the full transaction fee is paid via our agency. Only in that case are we capable of acting in the unlikely event of complications and / or claim.

The ladies insist on a down payment of a minimum 40% of their fee, respectively minimum of 500 EUR for all the following cases:

  • all bookings outside the ladies home area, plus travel expenses.
  • you are a new client and book with us for the first time.

If you are interested in booking a new lady, they do not want to deal with cash and insist on a 100% pre-payment.

Payment accepted by bank transfer, credit card.

Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Information we do need from you

Inquiries that include the following information will receive priority attention:

  • an honest description of yourself - nationality, age, height, weight, eyes, hair, smoker or non-smoker (!), your clothing style etc..
  • your REAL name and phone number, where you may be contacted on the day of the date (just in case).
  • the location, name and phone no. of your hotel.
  • date, time and duration of the desired meeting.
  • please include a short description of your individual dream woman... what is important to you in looks, personality, service, etc.?
  • what are your expectations and desires? Please mention any special requests.
  • your preferred clothing style for the lady etc..
  • Please put the name of your preferred lady in the reference line of your e-mail.

Further booking information

Please consider:

When the ladies travel by airplane, they charge a lump sum of 90 EUR for taxi or parking at the airport and taxi at the destination. For cities where the airport is located far outside, e.g. London, the charge will be counted up accordingly.

If ladies travels overseas e.g. Asia, one "additional overnight" fee will be added on the regular fee. This also includes the flat-rate travel allowance, see "Frequently Asked Questions"

If you cancel a confirmed meeting, your advance payment will be credited for future bookings without time limit. We do not refund.

If you cancel within less than 24 hours prior to the meeting, the lady expects 300 EUR compensation.  If we only get your cancellation when the lady is already on her way, she will charge a compensation of 500 EUR plus the advanced travel expenses.

The rest of your prepayment will be credited with your next booking, also without time limit.

In the exceptional and unlikely event of cash payment the ladies expect their fees at the beginning of the meeting inside an unsealed envelope. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please essentially invite the lady to take a glance inside this envelope. To avoid any awkwardness and make this a speedy check, ladies appreciate large bills.

If you like to settle your payment with foreign currency, please inform us before your meeting. Surcharge of 3,5% to the official daily currency exchange rate to cover loss of exchange charge.