High Class Escorts Ekaterinburg

Skyline Ekaterinburg

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Ekaterinenburg is Russias fourth biggest city with 1.4 million people and four local escorts at the Ural Mountains at the border between Russia and Europe.
Best hotels in the city are Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg and Ramada Yekaterinburg, both are five star hotels.
Best places to take your escort for dinner are….Vertical Restaurant at the 51th floor at the city business center and Troekurov for russian gourmet meals.
If you are interested in sightseeing, have your escort take you see the Romanov Death Site, the Byzantine-style Church, where the tsar family was murdered under the communist revolution in 1918 and go see the Vysotskiy Viewing Platform where you can see the city from the 52th floor.

• Founded in: 1723
• Population: 1,372,800
• Distance to Moscow: 1755 km